WELCOME! I am so glad you are here!

I created this online community to inspire and equip curly, coily and kinky haired women of every age to fall more deeply in love with their hair.

I know that changing your mind about your hair will transform your life. I've seen it happen with hundreds of my clients.

HairCamp™ Home Edition is a collection of courses, consultations, tutorials and meetups that offer you intensive hair care + hair styling experiences in both virtual and live + virtual formats. Everything here is designed to empower you + inspire you.

You are a hair whisperer whether you recognize it today, or not. It is my intention to help you live into the boldness and power that comes with loving your hair (and yourself) even more fully than you do today!



"Kali's genius is threefold. Her mastery of all types of hair gives her confidence that anyone’s hair can look amazing and the ability to make it so. Her recognition and respect for hair as something extremely important and emotional for women, is really respect for women. Women, especially Black women, are starved to understand and talk about our hair and its centrality in our lives. Kali makes us feel seen, heard, and comforted in a market that is too often characterized by exploitation of our sensitivities. She recognizes that hair is not a one size fits all endeavor - it is as diverse and beautiful as we are. Kali empowers women - what she teaches helps us to feel beautiful, confident and able to tackle difficult, emotional topics in our lives. Kali sees us as perfect and learning from her is delightful and inspiring. "

~ Jane Carpenter Rock, Diplomat

I am the Original Hair Whisperer.

Are you hiding out? I was for a very long time - afraid to function fully in a gifting with hair that I did not fully understand. I know hair inside and out, quite literally and yet was tentative about stepping into being the Original Hair Whisperer.

My intention is to change your relationship with yourself, and your world, through your hair. Join me in empowering a generation of women + girls to know and love their hair!

You are here, so there is something here for you. Receive it with love + do the thing in your genius that you were called to do!

We are waiting for you and we need you. ❤️